What We Do


We can create a plan of action to help you communicate with your audience.


Let us create a logo and branding that will embody the ideals of your company.


From a website to mobile apps, we can design it and develop it for you.


Let us help you represent your brand with design you can hold in your hands.

Who We Are

Jennifer Healy

Jennifer spent much of her childhood painting, drawing, and playing games on the computer. As a teenager she discovered Adobe and HTML and never looked back. She now spends her days organizing concepts, images, and type on screen. When not in front of a computer, you can find her enjoying Durham culture, working on home renovation projects, or playing with her dogs Sketch and Harvey.


John Healy

John’s art career started at the age of 6, making numerous pictures of mountains and birds.  His love of drawing translated into making graphic design his career. He now enjoys focusing his efforts into creating websites, logos, apps and other combinations of images and letters that communicate. John is a Durham native, and you can find him downtown eating tacos and scribbling on napkins most fridays.

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